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valentine's, galentine's, palentine's day… your way!

Sweet Freedom's Bea Bunny holding a heart

valentine's, galentine's, palentine's day… your way!

Big world famous days are all very well, but do we really need to be told when to show or tell someone we love them?!

Grab a bit of sweet freedom from the norm (yes, awful pun fully intended!) and freestyle your own alternative Valentine’s Day.  Here’s a few ideas…

Book the time with your best pals, stay in, cook something quick and easy, put down the phones, turn off the telly and catch up with all the chatter… that’s pure Palentine’s.

Going out on Valentine’s night is expensive… plan an easy stay in meal with your favourite Valentine, light a candle or two (saving on the leccy) and really give each other time and attention.

Agree to no gifts this year and instead sponsor an animal in need, support a charity or save the pennies for another day, times are tough, there are other ways to look after each other.

Practice your Pancakes (not just for Pancake Day!) and share a Galentine’s stack with your besties. (Ok so we are quite pancake mad, and we do have allllll the toppings!)

On your own? Book a class, a walk with a friend, a really good book… it’s you-time. 

Just you and the dog… lucky you!  A lovely mindful walk with your pooch really earns a curl up on the sofa.  Pet cuddles are hard to beat!

Plan your own Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Palentine’s Day any day of the week, month or year… love is yours to declare whenever you choose 😍