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how do we make healthy taste great?

how do we make healthy taste great?

how do we make healthy taste great?

When most people think of healthy food, they imagine bland and boring dishes that don't taste good at all. However, it’s our mission to make sure your healthy choices taste great and we’re focusing on the naturally sweeter side of life… without the guilt! 

Struggling to get fresh fruit into you or the kids? A quick squeeze of our naturally fruit sweetened CHOC SHOT or Great Taste Award winning CARAMEL SYRUP does the trick, and makes it feel much more indulgent with only 13 calories per teaspoon. 

Porridge… it can be SO dull, day in day out! Mix it up with plant milk, some nuts and seeds, grated apple and a generous squidge of SYRUP from our award winning range or stir in a dollop of CHOC POT

Working your way angelically through a worthy piece of wholegrain toast with scant flavour each morning… we’re here to save you with a generous spread of our delicious CHOC POT chocolate spread. As it has 74% less fat and half the calories of another ‘well known’ chocolate spread you can afford to be generous AND it’s high in fibre. 

Mid afternoon snack attack? Grab a nice crunchy apple, and dip it in CHOC POT… heavenly! 

Cutting down on sugar in your cooking and baking? If you’re looking for inspiration hop over to our recipe pages or follow #sweetfreedomuk on Instagram, oodles of delicious ideas and scrumptious nibbles reading in minutes!

If you’ve got a favourite snack or health hack featuring a Sweet Freedom product please drop us a line and let us know.