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5 tasty ways to get fibre into your diet

5 tasty ways to get fibre into your diet

5 tasty ways to get fibre into your diet

Fibre is super important for maintaining a healthy digestive system, all those good bacteria LOVE fibre, it can help with weight loss and keep us all full of the good stuff = not so hungry ++ it dials down the craving for the not-so-good!

Keen to increase your fibre intake but don't know how? Don’t worry… here’s five quick and easy ways to ace it!

Eat more fruits and veggies… and change it up regularly, there are SO many fab veggies and glorious fruits out there… pass the jackfruit! There are plenty of ways to sneak them into recipes for the veggie-phobics 👀 veggie burgers, grated carrots in your pasta sauces, and of course the perennial favourite veggie cakes… our current fave being this dreamy sweet potato cake!

Whole grains are another excellent source of fibre… grab the whole grain / multiseed option wherever you’re choosing you breads, pastas, rice and cereals instead of their refined counterparts. We love using oat flour and wholemeal spelt when baking inspiration strikes.

Beans, lentils, peas etc are a fab choice. Add them to soups, salads, rice dishes for an extra boost of nutrition. If you’ve not had any for a while you could find them a bit wind-inducing 💨 introduce them gradually. Our very own Belinda Bear often reminds us that EVERYONE farts sometimes 😊

Nuts and seeds also bring the added bonus of healthy fats. Sprinkle a handful of nuts or seeds on your morning porridge. Lightly toasted pumpkin seeds are sublime, they ‘pop’ a bit, and add tasty crunch on top of yoghurt, pancakes, salad… well anything really! Whole or ground flaxseed make a great sprinkle too, plus added bonus you can make ‘flax eggs’ with them for delicious vegan cakes and bakes.

We’re fanatical about fibre, and make sure that all Sweet Freedom products are either a source of fibre like our SYRUPS range or are high in fibre like our CHOC POT and CHOC SHOTS!

Hop over to for oodles of better for you, super tasty high fibre recipes, no one will guess they’re the ‘healthy option’ 🙌

We love a bit of stealth health😋

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