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great value hot chocolate whatever the weather!

great value hot chocolate whatever the weather!

great value hot chocolate whatever the weather!

We love hot choc year round, otherwise we'd never have created our heavenly CHOC SHOT range… and now it’s suddenly freezing cold again we’ve got proper cosy vibes!

Simple and easy hot chocolate should be taken care of by the ‘instant’ options on the supermarket shelves, but we found (after extensive testing!) that usually means powdery lumps, a lacklustre watery result and some pretty suspect ingredients like palm oil, weird sweeteners, thickeners and other artificial nonsense SO we got busy in the kitchen, created CHOC SHOT and got it out there to save us all from inadequate hot choc!

Here’s the Sweet Freedom 1,2,3 of naturally tasty hot choc.

  1. Choose your favourite milk and heat it (microwave or small pan on hob)
  2. Squeeze 3-4 teaspoons of your favourite CHOC SHOT into your mug (you choose how strong you want it, and if your mug is big you’ll need more)
  3. Pour the hot milk into your mug and stir… heavenly silky smooth hot chocolate every time!

Not only that… CHOC SHOT has only 13 cals per teaspoon, plus it's high in fibre.  With a canny choice of milk you can relax sipping your luxe hot choc with halo intact 😇

Or maybe mocha is more your thing… that delicious combo of dark caffeine kick and a sweeeet cuddle of chocolate. Make the tastiest mocha by simply squeezing our CHOC SHOT into your favourite coffee, give it a little stir and bingo, job done.

Coffee shop outings costalot so keep the pennies to yourself by getting hot choc creative at home… or stick it in a flask / travel mug and take it with you. Each CHOC SHOT bottle contains 320g of delicious liquid chocolate, that’s 64 teaspoons. 

If you’re using 3 teaspoons per hot choc that’s 21 hot chocs per bottle, or 17p per hot choc, plus your choice of milk... we're quite proud to have created a Fairtrade cocoa, vegan, GMO free, naturally fruit sweetened luxurious hot chocolate that can be ready in minutes for such great value.

PLUS make that last hot chocolate count, to get the final couple of spoonfuls safely into your cup, simply pour a little milk* into your CHOC SHOT bottle, put the lid back on firmly and shake it like a cocktail… then open up, pour into your hot milk and you’re away!  Or if you follow the example of one nameless bod from Sweet Freedom HQ you'll top the bottle up with milk, shake it til it's all lushly chocolatey and drink it straight up... you know who you are!

Whichever CHOC SHOT flavour you choose (yes, there are 7 heavenly options) this is the easiest way to guarantee you and yours a really nice, super quick, heaps better for you hot chocolate at such great value… a proper hug in a mug.

Stay cosy 🤗

*You can use warm milk or even warm water to shake up your bottle, but please do not use hot liquid in the bottle, and don’t put the bottle in the microwave, they are not designed for it.