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flavoured sparkling water with no nasties!

flavoured sparkling water with no nasties!

flavoured sparkling water with no nasties!

Say hello to Sweet Freedom FIZZ™, our new range of flavoured fruity sparkling waters. Each one is packed with goodness – as we like to say, bubbles with benefits!  

Artificial sweeteners? It’s a no from us!  

These drinks have absolutely NO artificial sweeteners, flavours, or refined sugar. They are low in calories and high in benefits... a must-have this summer and beyond. 

Let’s find out a bit more about each flavour then, shall we?  

First up, we have Lime & Mint Lightly (ZING). This delightfully zesty drink brings an extra zing to your day with a refreshing burst of mint. Infused with kola nuts and guarana, both natural sources of caffeine, it helps boost your energy and alertness, making it the perfect option to beat an afternoon slump. 

Next, escape to a tropical paradise with Pineapple & Coconut (WELLBEING). This flavour is brimming with tropical vibes and features dandelion leaf and baobab. These ingredients are known for supporting good digestion, gut health, and overall well-being, offering you a sip of sunshine in every bottle.  

For those who love berry flavours, Raspberry & Cranberry (IMMUNITY) is the one for you. This drink is bursting with refreshing berry goodness and contains acerola fruit, which is rich in Vitamin C and supports immunity, skin health and digestion.  

And last (but by no means least!) find your calm with Mango & Mandarin (ZEN). This serene blend of sweet mango and citrusy mandarin includes schisandra berry, also known as the ‘wonder berry’. Schisandra supports nervous system function, helping you manage stress and yes... you guessed it... find your zen! 

Sweetened with sustainable cocoa juice… 

We’ve always been committed to using only the best and most natural ingredients, and our new FIZZ range is no exception. We are proud to be pioneering a new, natural sweetener… sustainable cocoa juice. “Hmm, is that chocolate?!” we hear you ask. Nope! Not exactly… 

Cocoa juice is derived from the cocoa bean and is part of the fruit that typically goes to waste. By using cocoa juice, we not only create a delicious naturally sweetened drink, but are also supporting sustainable practices and providing farmers with an additional income from this part of the crop. It’s all good! 

Ready to try Sweet Freedom FIZZ™? Click here to browse our full range and find your new favourite flavour today!