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low caffeine hot chocolate

low caffeine hot chocolate

low caffeine hot chocolate

Ahh yes, the comforting embrace of hot chocolate on a chilly day – a timeless indulgence cherished by many. Or is a super smooth swift to make chocco milkshake more your bag? But have you ever wondered about the caffeine content in your favourite cocoa treat?  

Cocoa beans, the primary ingredient in chocolate, naturally contain wee bit of caffeine… which means that in 100 grams of Sweet Freedom CHOC SHOT, there's approximately 0.03mg of caffeine. Sounds minimal, right? That's because it is. 

Hot choc maths… if you're making a steaming mug of hot chocolate and you pour in 3 teaspoons of CHOC SHOT (equivalent to 15 grams), you're looking at a mere 0.0045mg of caffeine. That's less than a drop in the caffeine ocean!  

To give you some context, a standard shot of espresso from your favourite coffee chain can range anywhere from 33mg to a whopping 180mg of caffeine per 25-30ml serving. 

SO, if you’re whipping up a CHOC SHOT hot chocolate, you're not just enjoying a deliciously indulgent treat, you're also savouring a moment of relaxation without the caffeine jitters.  

Whether you're winding down after a long day or simply treating yourself, our silky-smooth choc syrups deliver the perfect balance of sweetness and comfort without the caffeine overload. 

Next time you cosy up with a mug of our hot choc or chill in the sunshine with a milkshake, relax in the knowledge that you're sipping on a decadent delight that won’t keep you up all night.  

Don’t forget you can drizzle CHOC SHOT over anything too… and that we have a choice of glorious choc flavours for you… CHOC SHOT Salted Caramel anyone?!   

Word to the wise… CHOC SHOT Raspberry whizzed into your favourite ice cold milk… game changer!  

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