serves 4

45 minutes


  • 150g Sweet Freedom VEGAN HONEEE
  • 450ml water⁠
  • 4 pears (not too ripe), peeled, stems left on
  • yoghurt, seeds and an extra drizzle of VEGAN HONEEE for serving


  1. Put the SYRUP in a pan big enough to hold the pears in 1 layer.
  2. Add 450ml water and bring to a boil.⁠
  3. Simmer, partially covered, for 5 minutes. ⁠
  4. Add the pears. Partially cover and simmer for at least 35 minutes, turning the pears occasionally, until they're cooked through.⁠
  5. Remove the pears. ⁠
  6. Serve with yoghurt, seeds and an extra drizzle of HONEEE.

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