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what is aspartame and does Sweet Freedom contain it?

what is aspartame and does Sweet Freedom contain it?

what is aspartame and does Sweet Freedom contain it?

Today we are talking about the word that is on everyone’s lips... aspartame. It is the sneaky sugar substitute that promises all the sweetness, minus the calories.

But what is the real scoop on aspartame? Should we be giving it a high-five or a cautious side-eye? Keep on reading…

where did aspartame come from?

Aspartame was brought onto the scene in 1965, by chemist James Schlatter. It is made up of two building blocks: amino acids called aspartic acid and phenylalanine which, when combined, create a super sweet taste.

It quickly became the talk of the town – after all, it is a whopping 200 times sweeter than regular sugar! This means you can sprinkle a little aspartame fairy dust and voila – sweetness galore, without all the calories.

Since its discovery, aspartame has snuck its way into the ingredient lists of all sorts of food and drink products – think diet sodas, sugar-free desserts, and yep, even your trusty chewing gum got a dose of its sweetness. But all might not be as it seems…

plot twist: the aspartame debate

Here’s where the plot thickens. With its intense sweetness and near-zero calories, it once held the spotlight as a go-to for weight control.

Recently, however, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stepped in with some fresh insights. They have waved the caution flag, advising against using aspartame for weight management. They say that while it can help in the short term for weight control, the potential long-term side effects are worrying. Some of their concerns include a link between aspartame, gut issues, and headaches, as well as the possibility that aspartame is carcinogenic.

our take: keeping it natural and real

Hold tight though because we have got good news! At Sweet Freedom, we're all about the au naturel vibe and don’t hide behind artificial masks.

You won't catch aspartame, or any of its artificial sweetener buddies (sucralose, we’re looking at you) lurking in our products. Instead, we turn to the sugars that are naturally occurring in three fruits; apples, carob (and grape in our FRUIT SYRUP) so you can savour our treats with peace of mind.

If you are still scratching your head about aspartame, pop us a message any time.

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