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healthy, vegan CARAMEL SYRUP

healthy, vegan CARAMEL SYRUP

healthy, vegan CARAMEL SYRUP

Looking for a delicious and healthy caramel syrup? Your solution is here: Sweet Freedom CARAMEL SYRUP!

Made with care, this syrup gets its awesome caramel flavour from apples, carob and a whisp of natural flavour. That’s right – nothing nasty or artificial here. It's like the caramel you know and love, but one that is kinder to your body. And guess what? Each spoonful is only 13 calories – oh, and it's also completely free from the 14 major allergens. Worry-free enjoyment for everyone!

Like all our Syrups, CARAMEL SYRUP is super versatile. Add a swirl of this caramel goodness to your morning coffee, drizzle it over yoghurt, ice cream, porridge – go wild!

Need some more recipe inspiration? We have tonnes of delicious recipes on our website and across our social media - here are just a few to get your taste buds doing a happy dance...

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