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Go (no) Nuts for this HAZELNUT SYRUP

Go (no) Nuts for this HAZELNUT SYRUP

Go (no) Nuts for this HAZELNUT SYRUP

Love a hazelnut vibe but need to stay hazelnut free? Fear not! The newest member of the Sweet Freedom Syrups range is our irresistible HAZELNUT SYRUP naturally made without nuts.

The mission to make a hazelnut syrup without hazelnuts seemed frankly… nuts… but once we got working with our fabulous Flavour Wizards it became clear it was not only possible, naturally, but that it could also taste even better than the rest! 

Like the rest of our delicious Sweet Freedom SYRUPS range, our Hazelnut Syrup is made using just natural fruit extracts (apple and carob) plus a little natural flavour and colour.

Does it really taste that good?!  Yes, it does. We think it knocks the socks off the rest. Customers are raving about its exceptional taste, citing hints of roasted hazelnut and dreams of hazelnut lattes to come… hand on heart we’re certain this is the best Hazelnut Syrup you'll find!

Sweet Freedom takes allergen safety seriously. Like all our flavoured syrups, our Hazelnut Syrup is made without any of the 14 major food allergens. Not only are the ingredients carefully selected to exclude allergens, but the factory itself does not handle any allergens. [Link to allergen statement]

The beauty of the Sweet Freedom range of Syrups lies in their versatility. Whether you're enjoying a hot or iced coffee, a frappe, milkshake, or mocktail, this Hazelnut Syrup will elevate your beverage game. But it doesn't stop there! Get creative with heavenly drizzles over porridge, pancakes, desserts, yogurt and whip up brilliant maximum flavour cakes, flapjacks, and cookies. Ooodles of no-nutty possibilities!

Folks are going nuts (pun intended!) for its natural hazelnutty vibe in coffee and its versatility for breakfast, in puds, drinks and bakes. Handcrafted with care, this syrup is a must-try for everyone… biased, not much 😍

Visit for a treasure trove of nutty inspiration and recipes. Go nuts with our no-nut Hazelnut Syrup and let your culinary creativity shine.

As you’d expect from us, not only does this syrup delight your taste buds, it’s also the healthier option. With only 13 calories per teaspoon, it's a guilt-free indulgence. Plus, it's a source of fibre, GMO-free, refined sugar free, no artificial sweeteners, and low in fructose.

So in conclusion we here at Sweet Freedom reckon our HAZELNUT SYRUP is nothing short of revolutionary… with its unparalleled taste, joyfully no-nut nature, and versatile usage, it's a must-have for hazelnut enthusiasts seeking a scrumptious experience. Explore the possibilities, indulge in the natural hazelnutty drizzliness, and embrace the Sweet Freedom of this remarkable syrup😘