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review.Name 'My name is Annemarie, I'm 36 years old and work as a PA. I first saw your products on Instagram as a lot of fellow Slimming World members put up new products, especially ones to help develop a recipe where other foods cannot be used. I used your Choc Shot for all my choc needs as Slimming World members cannot eat regular chocolate without it being extremely high in Syns. Your Choc Shot gives me and others the Choc Shot they need! It’s great for puddings and adding to recipes! My Slimming World journey started when I was 33, I woke up one day and knew enough was enough! I was then unemployed and never left the house. If I did, it was once a week to go grocery shopping. I would be in excruciating pain and be hanging onto the trolley for support. I had no social life and no life at all. My life would be centred around my food addiction and pain. My knees, my back, and my whole body would ache. I would cry being in so much pain. When I did try to walk, or climb the stairs, I would be heckled in the street called fat and other horrible things. I took the plunge with Slimming World, walked into the class, found out my true weight, and never looked back. It was a struggle at first. I wouldn't go out for meals as I couldn't cope with the temptation of ‘bad foods’. I also emptied all the cupboards at home, so there was no temptation. It is very hard not only to change your eating habits, but to change your whole mind-set. This is when I went on the search for support and was introduced to Instagram. I am very lucky with my followers, and have over 16k at mimi_myslimmingworldjourney. It’s crazy to think how many people want to follow me, so here I am, nearly 13 stone lighter and still going. My goal is another 3 stone and I know I will be able to reach this goal. I still have my willpower and great support, and now a new partner who, may I add, has lost 5 stone by following Slimming World at home. My life has changed so much since my first day at Slimming World! I am 13 stone lighter, have a job, a social life, a new partner and have relocated to London. My future is looking fantastic!'
Annemarie Quick

'Eating and food was my comfort through many dark times whilst I suffered with depression and the bigger I got, the worse I felt and the more I would eat! My turning point was June 13th, 2015 when my brother and sister in law got married. It was a beautiful wedding and an equally beautiful day! But being at my heaviest 18 stone 5lb and size 24 I felt awful and self-conscious. I hid myself away whilst all the wedding photos were taken and luckily at the time having two very young children I was able to do that very easily until another family member had spotted me and insisted I had at least one picture taken! When I saw the picture a week later I was mortified and new I had to take back control of my life. I started my Slimming World journey at home initially as I felt far too self-conscious of my size to join a group as I barely left the house! I bought Slimming World books online and set off on my journey.

I love Sweet Freedom Choc Shot and Choc Shot Orange Spice for jazzing up my fruit which has really helped to keep me on the straight and narrow! Start weight 18 stone 5lb. Target weight 11st 11lb. Current weight 11st 9lb. Total loss 6 stone 6lb. Height 5ft 7in”
Lisa Blackburn

My name is Alison Berry, age 57 and loving life, but this wasn't the case two years ago, I weighed 22st 1 pound, was size 32/34, in very poor health, depressed and so low, I looked happy but deep down I was so sad, everyday tasks were becoming harder, I felt worthless, and had given up on life. After my first grandson was born his Mum asked if I would look after him two days a week whilst she returned to work, I was delighted, but reality hit home, here was this 10 month old guy and I was to be his carer, when in fact I couldn't even bend down far enough to cut my own toenails. I wanted to play in the park, go swimming, sit in his play tent and so something had to change and fast. So I joined Slimming World and in only 16 months I had lost 11st 7lb, I was determined not to miss out on life any more, I'm now medication free and a size 12. The awesome members in my group voted me as there inspiration and I went on to be a top ten finalist in Slimming World's Woman of the Year 2016 from approximately a million members.
[ image of Alison Berry ]
I found the plan easy to do as I love cooking and I make up and adapt most recipes to fit the plan, that's when I found Sweet Freedom products, I have a very sweet tooth so needed something for my chocolate fix, I use Choc Shot most days on my waffles, pancakes, porridge or simply over fruit, it's got such a strong taste you don’t need a lot. We have taster sessions of it in class and I always will recommend Sweet Freedom. It's been my saviour as to have chocolate every day without sabotaging your weight loss plans is brilliant. I've been at my target weight now for 10 months and I still follow the plan as it has changed my life so much for the better, I don't ever want to revert back to the old me. They say it’s not about the weight you lose but the life you gain and my aim in life is to inspire others on their weight loss journeys, the uphill struggle is hard but the view when you’re at the top is amazing, it's a fantastic feeling and I'm now the healthy Nanna my grandchildren deserve.'
Alison Berry

'I have just bought some of your sweet treats hot chocolate and I had to write you this email as I loved it and I think I might keep this one as a sneaky treat for myself. I am looking forward to trying more products from your range and if the hot chocolate is anything to go by I am sure I will love them too! So thank you and I look forward to seeing what results you bring to us.'
Emma F

'Hi there, I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing your Choc Shot is. I am really careful what myself and especially my 2 young kids (2 and 5) eat and am super strict with chocolate and sugars. Over the years I have tried so many healthy substitutes but none have even come close to providing that proper chocolatyness. Until I stumbled upon Choc Shot in Aldi. My kids are delighted I will now let them have 'chocolate porridge ' or chocolate sauce on fruit for pudding and I know it's not so bad for them. It also makes a damn tasty hot choc'
Amy M

'Hi there, I've really enjoyed looking through the Sweet Freedom website. I've been buying Choc Shot for a few months now and its become a part of my everyday life. I'm a huge chocoholic, but that's never a good thing for your health (or waistline!) and would before try getting chocolate in a healthier way (breakfast bars etc) but these would never hit that spot and really were just empty calories. However, after finding and trying Choc Shot (WOW!) it was sooo chocolatey and rich, I have it ALL the time, and in a healthy way... for example for breakfast I will have either homemade wholemeal pancakes with berries and a drizzle of Choc Shot, or a healthy fat free yogurt with banana and Choc Shot... or something naughty in the evenings like a meringue filled with fruit and drizzled with Choc Shot. I've also recently tried the Fruit Syrup, which again is so yummy and has helped to cut out refined granulated sugar, I will use Fruit Syrup instead of granulated to sweeten porridge and now cannot enjoy a cup of tea without a small shot of Fruit Syrup. A teaspoon of granulated sugar now just tastes artificial. Thank you Sweet Freedom, you have helped me to become healthier and yet still allow me to enjoy and indulge in my sweet tooth.'
Lucie F

'To whomever it concerns, I have been using your Choc Shot and honey substitute for a few months now. They are amazing products and really help in making healthier choices. Even my little boy now loves your Choc Shot hot chocolate instead of his normal full of sugar stuff. These are amazing products and it's so nice seeing them in even more shops. I will continue to buy these products. I am yet to try the flavoured Choc Shot but hopefully in the future I will. One happy lady and little boy.'
Kayleigh Louise

'I have been so enjoying cooking with the different varieties of Sweet Freedom. My new invention - Chocolate Coconut granola is one of the nicest things I have ever made. The Choc Shot Coconut gives it a rich and decadent flavour. My daughter who is often not won over by my healthy creations loved this healthy but delicious granola and I am now needing to make another batch!'
Linda Perkins, Nutritionist - linnutrition.co.uk

'Just to say - I am a Slimming World member and have lost 5st 1lb and just can’t live without my Choc Shot on my low fat vanilla ice cream. I'm thinking of making my own fat free yoghurt ice cream with Choc Shot in it - chocolate ripple instead of raspberry ripple. Thank you for this lovely product. I have to admit I haven't tried any of your others - yet!'
Liz D

'I'm a Slimming World member at St Ives Cornwall and cannot wait to try the new Choc Pots if Tesco stock them that would be fab as it's my go to local store.'
Sally-Ann P

'OMG this was heaven... I was craving chocolate so opted for Choc Shot and physalis... felt like I was eating a chocolate orange. It's a saviour as I'm on Slimming World.'
Nicola P

'After trying your Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup and finding it to be a great treat we would like to know where to buy it from in the Stockport area.? The majority of us, being 30 males and females with diabetes find it a very good product for us diabetics.' Tony H

'Being intolerant to dairy I love your product. I think you are missing a huge market though by not promoting the fact that your product is dairy free on the front of the product, as it was only by chance that I turned it around to see that it is dairy free. Although only my opinion, I am sure you could sell even more of this fantastic product if advertised to show the range of customers that could use it. Thank you for producing great hot chocolate.' Julie E

'Just a quick compliment after my first time using your products (Choc Shot original and orange spice). Both flavours were very nice and are perfect for vegans like myself who love chocolate, but without the dairy. I've added both products to my daily porridge and cheeky snacks. Can't wait to get my hands on the coconut flavour. Had no luck finding it yet though, will keep looking!'
Daniel W

'I wonder if you could advise me where I can get the Sweet Freedom syrup. I was diagnosed with diabetes and due to this condition am unable to have sugar anymore in my cup of tea. I tried every sweetener on the market which always left an after taste. I was then recommended by a friend to try Sweet Freedom syrup, it did not leave an after taste and I was finally able to have a cup of tea that I enjoyed.'
Mandy T

'I wanted to just take a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much me and my family love your products. When we drink your products, no one in the family can believe how good they are. Thank you so much for making a great product and thank you for your time. '
Daniel H

'I have used some of the Fruit Syrup today in an 'apple butter' recipe. The Choc Shot is beautifully squeezable and my grandchildren are enjoying Nanny's boring healthy cereal with a squirt of Choc Shot to make the milk all chocolate flavoured. I am about to enter a competition to win a year's supply, it could come in handy!'
Eileen S

'I just wanted to say a massive thank you for making a sweet product which isn't bad for you! My son loves hot chocolate, but I'm conscious that most brands are filled with sugar and goodness knows what else, so it's not something I particularly relish giving him before bed. Then I stumbled across your Choc Shot and was amazed at how healthy it is, yet it tastes lovely! He has it with warm almond milk, for a lovely, creamy and healthy hot chocolate, and he loves it. I'm not even a chocolatey person, but I've even enjoyed it on top of some bananas and Greek yoghurt. So thank you, once again, for helping us parents to be able to say "yes" without any guilt!'
Natalie C

'I'm a big honey lover and always have been, but I felt I had to contact you after trying your Fruit Syrup. It was bought for me, when I needed some honey... imagine my surprise:/ It sat in the cupboard... maturing... :( All the honey jars were licked clean... so out came the Fruit Syrup. It looked like honey... nice trick I thought! My brain was already made up... this wasn't going to be good! On my cereal first, then tried it in my tea, then my redbush, then my ice lollies and then I ran out! :( Back to shop... honey, or? You've got a winner! Love it! Honey without the bees.. good for me and the bees!'
Mr Page

'Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup is a versatile and healthy alternative to sugar. It is low GL which means it will not cause inflammatory spikes in blood sugar and insulin and it is made from natural ingredients. With a range of products which can be used in many ways Sweet Freedom makes it easy to eat delicious and healthy foods.' Linda Perkins, Nutritionist – linnutrition.co.uk

'Do tell Tina I have bought the full set and am switching from Canderel to 'Fruit Syrup'. All were in stock and well displayed in Waitrose East Sheen. Clever stuff!' Piers

'Hi Sweet Freedom, I just wanted to say how much I’m loving the new Choc Shot Orange Spice that I got when appearing at the just V Show at Olympia earlier this month. Have just spotted you do a coconut too! Am the biggest fan of coconut so will be looking out for it in the shops. Best Wishes via a Choc Shot iced mocha!' Frances Quinn (Great British Bake Off winner)

'I have been looking for years for an alternative to sugar and at last you have provided it. A great and pleasant taste, it is more expensive but I will buy it instead of sugar any day. Thank you for this GREAT product!' Gary

'Your Fruit Syrup is amazing!!! I will definitely be sending TESCO an email to stock your range especially because it is VEGAN friendly!! I just baked a loaf of the most gorgeous organic spelt bread using your Fruit Syrup as a vegan sweetener instead of honey and it has worked beautifully! I love you! This product should be on all our local supermarket shelves!!!' Lalla

'I just wanted to quickly say how much I have enjoyed my recent purchase of Choc Shot. I was sceptical at first thinking this was not going to be the sweet chocolate fix I would crave. I have recently started to try and lose some weight after having a baby at the end of last year. Your Choc Shot has really helped me enjoy the sweet and indulgent taste whilst only being so few calories. Keep up the good work and I look forward to trying other products!'
Claire x

'Hi Team! I just wanted to email you to congratulate you and thank you for such a wonderful product! Choc Shot is helping me calm my chocolate cravings while continuing to lose weight through Slimming World, I wish there were more products like yours on the market. I look forward to trying some of your other flavours/products in the near future, keep up the great work! A very happy customer :-)'
Tina W

'Hello again have just managed to buy your Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup product from Sainsbury’s in Alphington, Exeter. I asked why they do not normally stock it to be told that they run out as soon as they put it on the shelf! I am not surprised, it is the most natural tasting sweetener I have ever used and I am now going to try your chocolate products! Thank you for answering my email. As OAP’s husband Peter and I feel a bit out of the loop sometimes and we appreciate your contact and help. When we can master the technology we will send you some of our feline and canine photos. We have 4 of each Digby Jones, Amber Rose, Athena and Aphrodite are the cats and Freddieboy, Lillybette, Holly and Ruan are the black Cocker spaniels. They are pickles every one of them! Thank you again for your help.'
Su and Pete S

'I just wanted to email to say I LOVE your Choc Shot! I am a complete chocoholic but really needed to lose some weight - but chocolate has always been my downfall. Thanks to your lovely products I am now 2 stone down and not missing chocolate at all (as I have Choc Shot daily!!) I love it on toast but my absolute favourite Slimming World dessert is Eton mess COVERED in your sauce!! I normally have strawberries, meringues, quark/yoghurt and Choc Shot on the top. Delicious! Anyway - I never normally email about anything but I LOVE the product - especially as its Gluten Free and from the UK! Thank you!' Charlotte A

'Hey guys. My beloved Choc Shot has run out. I post about it all the time and can't get through a day without it!!!! Where can I get the different flavours from please? I'm a blogger and work for Slimming World. It's my fav sweet treat in the whole world!!!' Nikki xx *Thanks Nikki! Check out our Stockists page 

'I ate nearly a whole tub of Choc Shot yesterday. It is my saviour!! It helped me transition to being full vegan. I can’t find the coconut or orange one in my local stores so not tried them yet but planning on it soon. Thank you!' Megan C

'Thank you for getting back to me; nice to see some companies pay attention to the opinions of customers! I have tried everything in your Sweet Freedom range because it's incredible for people like me who can't have sugar!!! Many thanks again.'
Cassie F

'Hello, I'm madly in love with all your products but I was just wondering if by any chance you could consider making more Choc Shot flavours? For example salted caramel or strawberry? Vanilla? The possibilities are endless and would be even more fantastic as a Choc Shot!! Many thanks for your consideration.'
Cassandra F

'I love Choc Shot! However, I am desperate to try the orange and coconut flavours but haven't been able to locate them in Plymouth!! Can you let me know where I can find them or can I buy direct? (Hopeful emoticon would be here if I wasn't old!)'
Jeni R

'Just wanted to say how grateful I am to your low calorie products. Not only are they helping me lose weight whilst still enjoying the odd sweet treat, but they taste amazing. I love the Fruit Syrup on my porridge and my partner has a shot of Choc Shot in his warm milk before bed. I have made flapjacks using a different sauce each time. They also taste great just drizzled over a banana. Or over plain fat free yoghurt. Oh and the whole family have had them on their pancakes. The bottles are easy to squeeze and the lids stay clean (unlike some that get all junked up) I think it important that companies hear the excellent feedback, as well as the negative.' Karen and family

'I just wanted to write to you to tell you what a fabulous range of products you have plus how easy you have made my life. I came across your products after I joined Slimming World and fell in love. I also use your products to mix up my little boy’s reflux medicine in. He won’t take it any other way then mixed with your Choc Shots – and knowing they are not full of additives makes me feel less guilty about this! He becomes very unwell if he doesn’t take his medicine so your products are a must for my weekly shop. Keep up your fantastic work.' Emma T

'Just a quick email to tell you that I am really enjoying all your Sweet Freedom products. I am in the process of trying to lose a couple of stone in weight and they are so helpful as I can cut sugar out altogether and use the different syrup flavours for my porridge, also they are delicious with fruit and I can actually manage fat free yogurts with a tsp of Choc Shot. Thank you once again for your terrific products. I will tell my friends about them and hopefully we will all end up like sylphs!' Sheila

'I have bought the Fruit Syrup, the Choc Shot and the Choc Shot with coconut. Looking for the Choc Shot with orange. They’re absolutely fabulous. A definite life line for me. Thanks again.' Joanne

'What a fabulous idea!!! I have been vegan for just over a year now and your product has really been the only thing which has fully satisfied my chocolate cravings - so sweet, rich and creamy! I'm 16 and the only vegan in my house, so your product has helped immensely to make puddings interesting for me. For that I say thank you.' Sarah B

'Hi there, I can't praise Sweet Freedom products enough. I have had type 2 diabetes for 2 years now and don't like the taste of granulated sweeteners. Sweet Freedom satisfies my needs. It has also got the approval of my diabetic clinic nurse. I have used the syrup since being diagnosed and my sugar count has come back down to normal. Happy days!'
Jan H

'Hi, I am just dropping you this email to say a very big thank you for creating this product, my little boy is 6 and dairy intolerant so to find anything chocolate wise that actually tastes like normal chocolate is amazing. He can enjoy it with all the family and it doesn't look any different, he gets to have sauce on his ice cream, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, he has it on his pancakes the whole works, so thank you again you have made this Mum's life just that little easier.'
Gail R

'Good evening, I just wanted to say thank you for your products, they have been a life saver! Our 2 year old has a cow's milk protein allergy and loves chocolate, so finding something she can have and enjoys can be a nightmare! She loves the Choc Shot and wants it in and on everything :) So thank you for making something our little girl and whole family can enjoy and do so knowing it is safe.'
Sulee H

'Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. My son has various allergies and this has really changed his diet. He can now join in with his brothers (by having similar and healthy looking foods) and I use your Choc Shot for his pancakes, oat milk, to make him hot chocolate and in his porridge. Thanks again.'
Lauren S

'Hello. As a target member of Slimming World I have found your products to be a Godsend when in need of that chocolate fix, I love the orange one, it certainly makes eating healthy more enjoyable! What I wanted to ask was where can I buy the coconut one (love all things coconut!) I am in Perth, Scotland. Thank you.'
Tracey D 
*Thank you Tracey! Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury's and some larger Boots currently. You can check out our current list on our stockist page.

'Wow! Thank you so much I have lost three stone since April 2015 and recently gone back to store to supply fellow members. Over the moon with Choc Shot, it's a wonderful find. Thank you for your email with ideas that are and look very lush.'
Pippa J

'I am so glad to know that Choc Shot is suitable for vegans. I bought the two flavours Orange Spice and Chocolate flavour. I have only opened Orange & Spice and it is absolutely delicious and what I love about them is that they are very low in calories. I am with Slimming World and it is only half a syn per teaspoon. Apparently we at Slimming World are allocated 15 syns per day so this product is fantastic. I usually have it for a snack attack in the evening spread on a slice of wholemeal bread it is delicious.'

'I am a dedicated fan of your products. I love the way that you combine such pure techniques with science to create such products. I have found a product for life and its given me my confidence back that products are what they say. Thank you.'
Charlene S

'First of all, wow, you guys make the most amazing chocolate drink, I was so pleased to discover that your products are very edible by myself. It was a really nice surprise to discover your products today and to be able to finally have a decent hot chocolate drink, since going vegan about 6 months ago, it’s been really difficult to source dairy and GM free foods! Thanks a bunch!' David C

'First to say, I absolutely love the product! I moved back home to the UK earlier this year from the Middle East and found Choc Shot in supermarkets, and being a gym bunny it was fantastic for me!' Alex K

'Hello, I'm on a dairy free diet at the moment and came across Choc Shot when I was frantically searching the hot chocolate aisle for something diary free. When I came across Choc Shot I thought I'd give it a go but to be Honest didn't have any high expectations. I made it with coconut milk and it is amazing, nicer than any dairy chocolate drink I've bought from the supermarket before. I've just finished the chocolate orange one and will be off to the supermarket to restock tomorrow. Thanks for making a fantastic product.'
Lunella R

'I just wanted to let you know that I bought my first bottle of Choc Shot from Sainsbury’s recently and I love it! It’s so diverse and I use it on pretty much everything now - it’s the perfect excuse to have chocolate for breakfast, so thank you!'

'Hey guys. Just wanted to say that your chocolate orange Choc Shot is... well.. it’s just hard to describe how good it tastes! Good work! Absolute game changer!'

'Hello Sweet Freedom. Just wanted to say I love your products, amazing! They go down a real treat on Slimming World too. Have you thought about making a mint flavour at all? My new fave is the orange choc - wow, whacked it in with some fat free yogurt - might freeze some tonight too. Thanks so much.'

'Hello Sweet Freedom Team, Today may just be the first day of the rest of my life because I have just discovered you! As a Type 2 diabetic with a dangerous weakness for all things chocolate, I had resigned myself to a life of misery. I can ignore sweets, biscuits and cakes but chocolate has been a real struggle....until now. I am a volunteer driver and much of my work involves taking people shopping. I was idly browsing the shelves in one of my local (Harrogate) supermarkets and there it was, a jar of Choc Shot Hot Choc, beaming down at me. Nothing has ever jumped into my trolley with such speed so now I'm looking forward to experimenting with all your gorgeous-looking products. I may well become your Ambassador in Harrogate!'

'Dear Deb and Tina, Sweet Freedom is only product my husband will tolerate to replace sugar, so well done and thanks.'

'We have only just found this ultimate replacement for sugar! We shall now investigate the stores of both Morrison's and Waitrose in Wells who should have it in stock, (website suggests they have) and replenish stocks ... We have discovered it rather late even though we are almost neighbours! Thank you. Love it ... love it ... love it.'
Frederick B

'Hi I’m a new convert - will be buying this for friends & family - love the product!'

'I am sending this email to say a huge thanks on how much my dad loves your products, as being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis your products do put a smile on his face. Thank you once again for making wonderful products that we will continue to buy again and again.' Selena

'Hi. I’m just writing to say a huuuuuge thank you for Choc Shot. Ive been at Slimming World for 6 months now, given up chocolate completely apart from Choc Shot. It’s enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love it on top of fruit and yoghurt. I mentioned it to a lady who joined out group today who thought her days of sweet treats was over. I’m sure she will try your product now. My only complaint is that my local Tesco only has one flavour can you tell me if more are going into Tesco please?'

'Dear Sweet Freedom I am delighted to have found you. I have bought several cases, as didn't know where to find you. I will take your little jar to the doctors as Sweet Freedom is suitable for diabetics.'

'I just wanted to write to you to tell you just how much I love your product!!! People are so quick to write to companies when they have a complaint, yet not enough people write with positive feedback!!! I especially love the flavoured Choc Shot, all great but the orange and coconut ones are just amazing! I would love to know if you plan to bring any other flavours out in the future?'
*Thank you Beckie and YES plus other products too - we'll keep you posted!

'Hello my name is Samantha and I attend Slimming World. I needed to let you know that since joining I have lost 4st 9lb and I've got to say Sweet Freedom has helped me so much - I use this every day and even my children enjoy it. Ideal for those sweet moments - thank you so much.'

'Just a quick email to say thank you for selling your products in Holland & Barrett. Love them lots so always buy at least 4-6 every time. Going to be trying the Choc Shot Coconut tonight. Keep up the good work. And thanks once again, I so don't miss sugar in any of my herbal teas or cereal. Sweet Freedom all the way.' Pauline

'Hi! Just wanted to congratulate you on your FAB RANGE! as a member of Slimming World, I have been deprived of chocolate for about 3 years, but was introduced to Choc Shot a few weeks ago! Oh WOW! I'm not a big fruit lover but when pineapple is drizzled with Choc Shot it is an unadulterated PLEASURE to behold!!!!! Strawberries too, even sliced pears. I've just bought the syrup which is going on my porridge tomorrow! Couldn't resist a little taste though and it was AMAAAAZING!!!! ...l'm now on a mission to try the rest of the range! I also love how it lasts for AGES as you don't need lots to give that 'hit' NICE one Sweet Freedom! Go to the top of the class! By the way, our SW group are all hooked too! Lol. Ann

'I wanted to contact you and thank you for your company making products that are Syn friendly for us Slimming World members. It makes life so much easier knowing that you can have a nice tasty treat and still lose weight. Your products are a recent discovery for me as I heard about them from SW friends. I have lost nearly 50lb through Slimming World this year, and have just been approved to become a SW consultant for a new class opening in January.'

'Just want to say that I have just discovered Sweet Freedom, a present from my neighbour. Having just taken a lifestyle decision to become sugar free (am not diabetic or even borderline) this has passified my sweet tooth perfectly, as I was really missing honey and golden syrup. It is a bit of a dangerous product though – as I just have to keep eating it!
Meg P - PS It might be worth promoting it on sugar-free sites, as more people are giving up sugar.'

'I have used Sweet Freedom on roast potatoes and green beans! Oh and bananas on toast! Delicious. In Fact people from work are stealing it for their yoghurts/porridge etc….. I am a real sugar junkie, so I needed to find an alternative. I wanted to use Stevia but couldn’t stand the after taste. I won’t use other sweeteners because of the Aspartame poison! Thank you for this product.' Jane

'Hi!! I have a page on Instagram and I have recently celebrated 5k followers (it's about 5.7k now) and was planning on maybe doing a giveaway to celebrate. I'm a massive fan of your Choc Shot and feature it regularly on my page. I was wondering if you fancied being involved in a giveaway or involving me in any competitions you may have in the pipeline at all? Either way I'll still continue to spread the word about how amazing your Choc Shot is!!! Thank you for getting my three year old to drink milk!! Thanks!!'
Libby @babytoddlerfoods

'Tried the orange Choc Shot flavour.... Delicious. It would be nice if you could add a choc mint flavour to your line of products!'

'I love Choc Shot. Free from everything, great on anything!'

'I have a major sweet tooth and over the last few years both my husband and I have put a few stone on between us. I have zero willpower when it comes to diets but with the help of your products we are starting to lose weight. We have made simple substitutions and hardly notice the difference - keep the recipes coming they're fab.'
Lorna C

'I bought my first Choc Shot a few days ago to sweeten my porridge and stop me gorging on Nutella now that I am determined to mend my ways and eat more healthily. I purchased it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by how versatile it was but more importantly, how good it tastes! Weaning myself off sugar has not been easy and reaching for a teaspoon of Choc Shot at 11pm is so much better than reaching for a Snickers! I made this banana, chocolate and peanut butter shake today and thought it would be a great recipe to add to your collection as it tastes amazing but is low in sugars and also has a high protein content.
2 medium sized ripe bananas (peeled, sliced and frozen)
4 tbsp (32g) smooth peanut butter
3 cups (360 ml) milk
2 tsp Choc Shot
Sweet Freedom to taste
Blend all the ingredients until smooth in a blender. Taste the shake for sweetness and add additional Sweet Freedom if required. Serve topped with whipped cream and drizzle with Choc Shot.'

'Firstly, please allow me to offer a genuine thank you for your swiftness in response - I was able to get my hands on some Choc Shot Orange Spice that very evening! As for sharing via social media; I only really use Instagram which coincidentally, is where I first discovered the Sweet Freedom range! As I'm sure you're already aware, the fitness community is rife on Instagram, and Sweet Freedom have become hot favourites amongst those who would prefer to opt for natural sweeteners. I had initially trialled Walden Farms... but the more I looked into the exact chemical nature of how those syrups and condiments are created, the more frankly disgusted I became. Besides, Sweet Freedom syrups taste far superior also. Just allow me to say thanks once more. It doesn't go unnoticed how having taken the time to deal with one individual customer's query shows what a great company you are - you have a customer for life in me. Thanks once more.'
Gerard M

'Upon discovering last summer (after countless GP and hospital referrals) that I was in fact diabetic, I was forced to alter my diet regime quite significantly. This was much harder than initially anticipated due to being required to meet certain macronutrient demands for rowing training. Discovering Sweet Freedom and the Choc Shot range has quite literally proven a saviour! I'll likely incorporate 2-3 servings per day, allowing me to maintain insulin levels without sacrificing taste... I literally couldn't recommend the product enough.'
Gerard M

'I love every one of your products - my favourites being the coconut and the orange spice. It makes for wonderful porridge and desserts however I now have to share it with my children as they love it too! I first heard about you via my Mom (also diabetic) as she found the Choc Shot in Morrisons but she has only used it as a hot chocolate drink so far - I have enlightened her and got her the coconut one to try as well as she used to love Bounty bars before becoming diabetic. I will be keeping an eye out for new products and I am registered on your mailing list. Have a great week.'

'I am house sitting for a friend at the moment and discovered your Choc Shot in the cupboard. Well - I absolutely love it, I have had it on my porridge every morning since! I shall be telling everybody about it.'
Lynne S

'Just wanted to say how much I LOVE Choc Shot. I recently joined Slimming World and although I can still have treats and use my Syns for them I don't like to use too many. I was missing chocolate quite a bit and saw this in the supermarket. Checked the Syns in the Slimming World app and was happy to see it's very low in Syns! I mix a few teaspoons with quark (which is a free food) and Bob's your uncle... a delicious chocolate treat to dip some fruit in! Especially delicious with strawbs :) Thank you for making this amazing product... and helping me lose weight! All I need to do now is track down the orange one and I'm winning!'

'OMG, after weeks of looking in the local supermarkets I have finally got THE coveted bottle of Choc Shot that a lot of Slimming World followers rave about and 'boy oh boy' was it worth it! I am now going to look at sourcing the other flavours in the Choc Shot range and set about adapting SW and your own Choc Shot recipes so that I can continue my healthy eating plan and still 'have my cake and eat it' so to speak, thank you from one very satisfied customer.'
Jacqueline C

'Sweet Freedom is one of a kind
The likes of which are hard to find
Not for me the cheap imitation
I like quality on every occasion!
Their shots are sweet and beyond compare
Lush and heavenly - too good to share!
Change to another? - Not in haste
Not when I've found the perfect taste!'

'Hello, I'd just like to say how much I enjoy your range of sweet treats. As a fitness instructor / personal trainer, I am constantly being asked by my clients how they can indulge their sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible and I always point them in your direction. I am a big fan of Choc Shot for drinking. Mixed with a little almond milk and water this is a delicious low calorie alternative that a lot of my clients are enjoying.'

'I just wanted to commend you on your Sweet Freedom range. My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves your Choc Shot hot chocolate and always requests for me to buy some when I do a food shop.'
Emma R

'Thank you lovely people. I adore Choc Shot products.'

'Hello! Exactly 3 months ago yesterday, I made the decision to clean up my diet, becoming a vegan and switching to a diet of clean, natural foods. As part of this, I incorporated Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot into my diet, having a Choc Shot hot chocolate as my evening dessert instead of snacking on biscuits and chocolate. I'm delighted to say that I have hit my goal weight of 110lb as of yesterday and I could not have done it without my guilt-free Sweet Freedom treat in the evening. I'm sure I'm not the only dieter that has had such success using your products as a natural treat and I've recommended your products to friends at my local slimming world and family members who will hopefully have the same success I have had! I have never been happier and I just wanted to contact you to say how grateful I am and that I plan to incorporate your products into my natural lifestyle to help me maintain my weight loss for the long term! Thanks so much again!'
Julie M

'At the weekend we had a BBQ, attended by vegetarian teenagers, diabetic adults, slimmers and many sweet toothed guests. Veggie marshmallows were toasted over a fire pit and dunked into Choc Shot (all three flavours). Several guests left with details of where to buy your products locally. The only "complaint" anybody had was "it is a shame there aren't more flavours". Choc mint seemed to be the most popular suggestion. Have you any plans to introduce a mint version? Thanks'
*We are working on new flavours Tulane and that does seem to be a popular request so we’ll keep you posted!

'Hey sweet freedom. I just wanted to thank you for your products! I am recovering from an eating disorder and I needed to have a spread to put on my toast. I felt this was the safest and healthiest one and I now have it every morning! Thanks so so much!'

'Hi guys. Love your products, especially in my porridge!'

'We are finding this syrup (Sweet Freedom) a fantastic substitute for golden syrup. Thank you.'

'Choc shot has helped me lose weight. I've never eaten so much fruit before (with Choc Shot on of course!)' Amanda

'We certainly use Sweet Freedom, porridge wouldn't be the same. My daughter is a dab hand at baking too, it never lasts on the shelf for too long. And Choc Shot is a family favourite also. My youngest children have allergies so we are always on the look out for food to add flavour without being laden with sugar and Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot are high on our list. I like the recipes you include, I'm a terrible cook so your help is appreciated.'

'Hi, In January I discovered that I had Type 2 Diabetes. I just wanted you to know that neither my Diabetic Nurse nor my Dietition had heard of Sweet Freedom. I told them that it has been so helpful with what I eat and reducing my sugar intake. I use it for so many things and want you to know that I think it is one of the BEST products on the market for diabetics. Let's hope that my nurses pass the word!'
Diane A

'I am a Slimming World consultant in Bray Co Wicklow, I currently have 400 members and am starting in June with the first Saturday class in the area. As a fast growing group I am always trying to find great ways to keep my class on track. And being a total chocoholic myself I found your Choc Shot Orange Spice in Tesco this week and brought it into class and they went wild for it. They are trying desperately to get their hand on it. As for our programme this is amazing, particularly as you know choc is so high in kcals. I was so excited by their reaction that I thought I would look you up online and, I'm really excited to see you have a coconut one!!!!! OMG can't wait to try. Do you have a facility for ordering online, we have a very limited supply and they are all asking me.'

'Hi guys, love the original Choc Shot, but then I though I'd died and gone to heaven when I tasted the coconut one.....delish. But please can you help me, I'm really, really wanting to get hold of the spiced orange variety. Thank you so much.'

'Some happy post for you! I never do anything like this but I just had to let you know how much of a difference Sweet Freedom has made to me since I discovered it in January. I have a wicked sweet tooth and my sugar intake was out of control. I use Sweet Freedom in absolutely any recipe that calls for sugar and it's not let me down yet! I'm not completely disillusioned - I'm not downing the stuff - but I feel amazing knowing that I'm consuming a completely natural and lower calorie substitute for nasty, horrid sugar. Oh, and don't even get me started on Choc Shot... (with porridge and peanut butter, or on almond pancakes with raspberries, or...).'

'Hi, I run Slimming World groups in Leamington Spa and my members love Choc Shot! They're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the coconut one. Do you know if all Holland & Barratt stores will stock it as I've checked a few times now. Will Tesco / Sainsbury's stock it? Thanks for any info you have!'
Cadelle S
*The larger Boots and Holland & Barrett stores stock Choc Shot Coconut now but if your local one doesn’t they can order it in for you on special order and call you when it arrives, plus you can order online from their website. We are working on getting it into other retailers currently (20.4.15) as it’s proving incredibly popular!

'Hello - I just wanted to say I LOVE CHOC SHOT! I'm so fed up of saccharine-tasting low calorie chocolate alternatives but this is AMAZING, not too sinful and really feels like a treat! I can't wait to try the coconut one and look forward to the product range continuing to grow soon! Keep up the great work! Thank you!!'

'As a Slimming World member I have been using the Chocolate Choc Shot for a while now - I use a teaspoon in cottage cheese, in quark, on fruit, lovely addition to a banana split and on my porridge. It really is so versatile.'
Sharon P

'Thank you for sharing my photo on Instagram. Feel free to share any others that I've tagged Sweet Freedom or Choc Shot in. Love your brand and keep recommending it to everyone. Thank you!'

'Dear people at Sweet Freedom, after seeing Choc Shot several times after visiting Holland and Barrett I finally got round to buying one and I am already on to my third! I've never written to a company before to tell them how much I love their product, but I just thought that you needed to hear this good feedback! Recently I turned Vegan and I was finding it hard to satisfy my chocolate sweet tooth cravings. Not only this but I wanted a product which was made from natural ingredients and was also low in calories! When I came across ChocShot I was literally so happy I loved it, it was everything I was looking for rolled into one, I have been raving about it to anyone that will listen! My favourite combination so far has to be golden syrup porridge with frozen raspberries topped with some ChocShot! I hope you have plans to expand as I am moving to Australia in a couple of months and I will NEED it with me! Thanks for making such an awesome product, keep expanding and bringing out more variations PLEASE! From a very happy customer.'
*We were pleased to inform Lydia (and for anyone else in Australia) that we do export there now so email us if you’d like details! 20.4.15

'Just tried your "new" sugarless Sweet Freedom and it's great! I used to add at least 2 sugars to my tea and now one squeeze and that's it. I also had it on my breakfast this morning, it just tastes so very good, I love it. I'm going back to the supermarket to buy a few bottles so I won't run out.'

'Just so you know how much of a nut I am for Choc Shot, I went to Morrisons today to replenish my stock and to my surprise they were selling it on special for £2.50 a bottle (this could have been a 4 bottle purchase) but to my shock and horror, they had sold out and when I asked, had none left in stock either!! Aaagh! What's going on!! It’s a good thing I've got 3 bottles in my stash at home but just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to run out at any time soon. He he. All your products are totally innovative and between you and I have been instrumental in helping me to lose 2 stone in weight!! Bless you all.'

'I love your Choc Shot product and it has really helped me keep on track during my chocolate craves and helped me lose 3 stone. I have been trying and trying to get hold of the Choc Shot Orange but I've had no luck. It's like trying to find a unicorn. Please please please can you help me find some?' 
Emily T 
*How amazing! See our stockist section for up to date stockists.

'Just wanted to say that Choc Shot is the only thing that makes our foul office coffee worth drinking. In fact it’s the only thing that gets me through the day! Thank you so much guys!'
Grant *Thank you Grant we are thrilled - we won't ask where you work!

'Thank you for my orange spice Choc Shot – I must say it is delicious!'

'Hello to all at Sweet Freedom. I just want to say thank you for making my life so much better. I’m a real chocoholic and being on Slimming World chocolate bars are high in syns for me so this range of chocolate (Choc Shot) and the chocolate orange flavour has made it so much easier for me. One tablespoon is only 2 syns for me and completely helps my chocolate fix. As for the (Sweet Freedom) ever since I was a child I really disliked honey as (it was) too sweet. Trying this at a friend’s house converted me I can’t get enough of this! Well done Sweet Freedom amazing items and can’t wait for the coconut one to come out to add to my collection. Mint choc chip next PLEASSSSSSE!'

'I heard of Choc Shot from my housemate who introduced me to it in the kitchen and I fell in love!'

'Hello, Only recently I have started a healthier lifestyle and was recommended by so many people to try your product, the Choc Shot. I can't seem to get enough of it, I love it! It's so delicious and rich but also healthier. I was just wondering if I would be able to get a sample of your Choc Shot Orange Spice? It sounds amazing and I would love to try it.'

'Just to let you know that the hamper was a big hit, especially the Choc Shot Orange Spice. We are now on our second bottle. I managed to order online from Tesco and bottle no. 2 arrived this morning. Well done! It is bloody delicious. Going to have some in a minute on a small piece of marble cake with reduced fat Anchor squirty cream. Very much looking forward to the Coconut flavour being released.'

'Hi, I love your Sweet Freedom product, it's so versatile. It allows sweetness in so many ways for my husband who is diabetic. I have made quite a few items from your recipe list, which are fantastic!'

'I first discovered your products in the supermarket when I noticed your sugar substitutes and bought them for my partner's porridge and baking. I heard about Choc Shot on Slimming World forums. I read about the new choc orange flavour in an email from you. Choc shot is one of the few things that my entire family eat as I cater for the following: diabetes, Slimming World, fussy eaters, vegetarians and occasionally vegans. I have recommended your products over and over as have been so impressed.'

'Dear Sweet Freedom, Your product is fantastic! I appreciate the ability to eat something yummy that doesn't expand my waistline! Thank you and a Happy New Year to you all!'
Charmaine C

'To Tina and Deborah. Thank you for Sweet Freedom. You keep making it. I'll keep buying it. Have an amazing 2015.'

'I have been using the Sweet Freedom Original which I purchased locally, but can't remember where from. Could you let me know of any shops in the Aylesbury (Bucks) area that sell the Original. I can find Choc Shot in lots of places (which I also use) but none of them have the Original. I loved it and am having withdrawal symptoms! Please help!' Pat

'I just wanted to get in touch to say how much I love your product Choc Shot. I read about it in Holland & Barratt's health magazine and since I've bought it I've been using it with everything - in porridge, drizzled on fruit as an afternoon snack and of course hot chocolate! I'm finding it such a great alternative to normal hot chocolate - low in calories yet surprisingly sweet. I'm very conscious of vegan options where possible so I'm pleased I've discovered Choc Shot. It's such a fab product and I'll certainly be telling my friends and family all about it. Thanks.' Hattie

'I follow the WeightWatchers plan called Filling & Healthy and regularly buy and use your products. I also make lots of creative and delicious dishes using them. Your products are excellent and I'm a huge fan of them.' Lorraine

'I really love your products, especially the Choc Shot and Sweet Freedom Original Natural Sweetness! I was just wondering if you had ever thought of doing a white chocolate version of Choc Shot? Are you going to release any more products soon?' Emily *Choc Shot Orange Spice and Choc Shot Coconut coming to a store near you soon Emily - we are 'more than' excited! Plus we’ll have a think about white chocolate…

'My husband has a very poor appetite and the last few weeks he has only been able to take Complan replacement meals. He was starting to refuse these until I discovered your Choc Shot liquid chocolate, which added to the powdery shakes makes them much more palatable. I just like to eat it off the spoon!' Debby *So pleased that Choc Shot is helping your husband’s appetite and we wish you both all the very best

'My parents brought some Sweet Freedom with them from their holiday ... now I am hooked! When are you going to sell this in Holland?' Janine *You can order Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot online from www.britstore.co.uk who ship worldwide!

'Have just tried your product amazing, such a clever idea - loved the flavour, will have to finish current bottle to try another will be using these from now on for those cold winter nights. Keep coming up with new flavours - amazing!' Nicola

'I would just like to thank you for your amazing squeezy hot chocolate!! It is now my ultimate favourite brand and I use it for so many things! I've recommended it to all of my friends and some of them are now hardcore fans also :) I always keep an eye out in the shops to see if you have any new flavours or anything new and I love how good it tastes considering I can use it on my Slimming World plan, it is so delicious!' Katrina

'I have just discovered lovely Sweet Freedom and use it on my porridge. I am especially atrracted by the low GI claim.' Dr Stephen Taylor

'None so sweet, as the words, the feelings, the possibilities and the wonderful cocoa-deliciousness that oozes forth from the bottle! Thank you Tina and Deborah.' Jane B

'Hello Sweet Freedom. Just wanted to tell you just how much I love your products ... I adore them and so do my follower's ;) it’s a pleasure to promote such great alternatives. I have had a few emails already in just a week from my followers thanking me as they have now swapped their nasty sugars to Sweet Freedom which is amazing … It is important to watch what we put in our bodies ... I have made Banana Breakfast Cake, Granola, Christmas Pudding Chocolates and Butternut Squash Cheesecake Bars.' Kat

'We really like your Choc Shot product. It is great for my son who cannot have dairy products, he enjoys it on toast, on ice cream as well as in soya milk.' Clair

'Just wanted to say how much my daughter (7) is enjoying your Choc Shot. Really brilliant. I'll look out for more products but sadly we live in an Asda dominated area!' Maree 

'The new Choc Shot Orange Spice sounds orgasmic - fave flavour in the world is Mayan Gold - hoping this will be along those lines!' Tony Bishop-Weston - optimumnutritionists.com

'Hello I would like to thank you, thank you so so much! I am diabetic and also a Slimming World member in Ireland. I managed to buy Sweet Freedom for porridge and tea two weeks ago. I came off artificial sweetener and switched to Sweet Freedom. Within 3 days my headaches vanished! Then last night, at my Slimming World meeting, I won the raffle which was Choc Shot and Sweet Freedom tea/porridge. So one stayed at home along with Choc Shot and one went to work with me. Thank you so much for this awesome product, I know I needed your products in order to come to terms with my diabetes and my need to lose weight! You are awesome!!' Layla

'I brought several bottles of Choc Shot to the USA for my husband's family members who are diabetic - great stuff and they are really enjoying it. Do you sell it in the USA?' Sarah*We don’t currently supply the US (working on it) but you can buy online from www.britstore.co.uk who ship worldwide!

'I've recently bought the Natural Sweet Freedom Syrup which I think is absolutely fantastic. I like the fact that it's low GL & suitable for Diabetics as I have type 1 Diabetes. At the moment there's a big trend for having syrups in your coffee but the majority I've seen are all full of sugar so they're no good for me. I'll definitely be buying your other products.' Caroline P

'I just received my parcel :) Thanks again - am super impressed with your customer service, it's a little thing that makes such a big difference!' Caroline

'I adore your Choc Shot product. I'm a Slimming World consultant with over 300 members. It is great for us at only 1/2 a Syn per teaspoon. Thank you SO much.' Kellie

'I just wanted to message your company to tell you how much I Love your Choc Shot. It's amazing how much it tastes like chocolate, being a chocoholic myself, and how much it has helped my weight loss.' Laura W

'I just wanted to say that as a member of Slimming World Choc Shot has become my best friend. At 2 syns a tablespoon I can have it as a drink or as a dip for my favourite fruit. I even used it on strawberry and cream cupcakes for a school fundraiser in aid of breastcancercare last week. Everybody commented on how lovely it was.' Donna

'I fell in love with your product when I stayed in the UK this past year. I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not Sweet Freedom is sold anywhere in the USA? Thanks so much!' Carly *You can buy Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot online from www.britstore.co.uk who ship worldwide

'I have just bought your Choc Shot and have to say I am massively impressed with how good it tastes!' Mandip

'My husband is diabetic, we have been using Sweet Freedom for 18 months. Since using this my husband's blood sugar has reduced to a really good level, it is nice to have something to use that works - thank you.' Jennifer D

'I am a member of Slimming World and so far I have lost 11.5lbs in 5 weeks! I am starting to really miss chocolate but last night our group leader had a bottle of Choc Shot for us to try. Oh my days, it was delicious!!!!! Love to put it over my fruit!!!!' Jane B

'Choc Shot: None so sweet, as the words, the feelings, the possibilities and the wonderful cocoa-deliciousness that oozes forth from the bottle! Thank you Tina and Deborah.' Shelley

'Hi, Just a note to say how wonderful the Choc Shot is. I have never contacted a company before. As a Slimming World consultant, your product is in fact an absolute lifeline to my members, losing weight week after week, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you!' Nicci

'Hello - I would just like to say this Choc Shot is amazing! I am a Slimming World consultant and have a group of 70 members and it is very rare we find a fantastic tasting chocolate that we can actually eat without feeling guilty! I just hope our local stores start selling it as we have to travel to the big supermarkets for it at the moment, well done Sweet Freedom we love this product, it is so versatile we can sneak it in everywhere :)' Lyndsey

'I managed to get down to Sainsbury's and I got some Choc Shot - yeah I have just had the world's best hot chocolate. I must have been looking in the wrong place at Buckshaw but panic over I found it and I bought two.' Lisa

'Hi! I LOVE the Choc Shot!!! Having concocted lots of delightful and delicious desserts using it recently.' Hannah

'Hi Sweet Freedom, I absolutely love Choc Shot and as a diabetic it's great!' Ruth R

'Good morning. I would like to congratulate you guys on having a fantastic product range, as a Slimming World Consultant it's often difficult to suggest ways members can satisfy their sweet cravings & still lose weight – your Choc Shot & Sweet Freedom in particular are an absolute godsend.' Leanne B

'Hi my name is Claire and I'm a Slimming World consultant ... I just want to say how fab your product is! ... I have been a consultant for just 2 years but you product has made my own Slimming World journey much easier now we can have our chocolate and use so little of our Syn allowance!'

'I just want to message you and thank you for making your amazing products I love them and I always buy them. I'm currently struggling with anorexia and your products have made my recovery so much easier.' Sue *What an amazing email to receive ... we feel very honoured to have helped albeit in a small way. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

'At last chocolate that is guilt free!' Pat

'WOW! Did I get the sweetest feeling when I discovered you :) I am an area manager for Slimming World and am spreading the word about your products in my groups every week - and they are loving it!! Many thanks indeed.' Denise

'I am a Slimming World consultant in North Somerset. Whoopee! My members have already discovered Choc Shot as I included a bottle in our weekly raffle a few weeks ago. The lucky winner has been taunting the other members on Facebook with pictures of how she's been using it! Choc Shot is perfect for those of us who want to lose weight, yet still have the occasional chocolate treat.' Pauline V

'Hi there - I have recently purchased your Choc Shot and can I just say how amazing it is and how versatile it is.' Amanda V

'I'm spreading the word! I met a lady in the supermarket queue this morning and we started chatting. She mentioned she was diabetic and I just happened to have bought some Sweet Freedom so I showed it to her. She left her shopping on the belt and ran off down the sugar aisle to buy some as she had never heard of it and was delighted when she came back as she said she really missed something sweet on her porridge. I also have recommended it to my friend's sister who has recently become diabetic and she is very happy with it, and the Choc Shot. Glad to be spreading the news.' Hilary G

'I am writing to you on behalf of my Uni group who have fallen in love with the Choc Shot brand, after I recommended it. Your Choc Shot is allowing me to diet, yet still have a pudding! Tonight I had vanilla yoghurt, strawberries and a cereal bar drizzled in Choc Shot! It was beautiful, seriously good and you've even converted my chocoholic mother who swears anything half the fat loses more than half the taste. I was in contact with someone on your twitter feed earlier on today, this person (I don't know their name!) was so helpful, even found that my closest Morrisons stocked Choc Shot so I could pop down. The communication was brilliant, and they even congratulated me on me 11 pound loss in weight this past week! As a student, all I want to do is eat rubbish whilst writing my assignments, but you're allowing me to be healthy while eating something that gives me that chocolaty ooze, and I am really grateful! Not only that but you have a twitter account I am more than willing to contact for being so helpful. Overall, well done Sweet Freedom. I cannot wait to see what comes next!' Caitie

'Dear Sweet Freedom. I have been a long time purchaser of your amazing goods, esp Sweet Freedom (the vegan honey). I'm writing to you from Sydney, AUS, just to say that no other product on the market even remotely matches the pure decadence of your syrups.' Jessica B

'We loved the Sweet Freedom too .... pancakes .... brilliant mixed in yogurts. Congratulations to you both. Here's to many more creations.' Louise

'Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for creating such an amazing product! Both myself and my fiancé are members at Slimming World and have lost just over two stone and owe some of it to your product. When we get sweet cravings, instead of heading for a chocolate bar we use your product in a healthy dessert/treat and it really helps us to stay on track. Keep up the good work!' Jonathan and Stephanie

'Hi I just wanted to say how fabulous your Choc Shots are. I’m a Slimming World consultant and wanted to share with you how all my members are buying this in bulk, and what a revelation that there are more products available from you. Many, many thanks for bringing out something that is helping with not only our sweet tooths but also our weight loss. Regards' Sarah (Chocshotoholic)

'I suffer from an unfortunate gluten allergy and was very happy to come across your 'Choc Shot' product, good job on that one, enjoying it as I send this message on some ice cream. My question was for my girlfriend, who was wondering if the product is dairy free?' Aidan *Yes it is dairy free!

'Good morning. I'm delighted to say that I at last managed to find your amazing Choc Shot product and 'Oh my goodness' it really is gorgeous, especially when warmed in the microwave. So versatile and tasty I've been shouting from the rooftops about it to all my friends as we're all watching our weight. Can you please advise me where we could try to find the other products in your range and also we are part of a small food club and wondered if you have any leaflets, information etc we could have to share round. Many thanks.' Gillian M

'I am a Slimming World Consultant in the West Midlands. I have just discovered Choc Shot and WOW! Amazing! It fits in perfectly with our weight loss plan and I will be introducing my SW members to it next week. I have approx 100 members.' Faye

'My Slimming World groups have about 250 members over four sessions and they absolutely love Choc Shot. I myself have discovered the Sweet Freedom and love the Dark on bananas and I will be telling them all on Wednesday in group. I have actually had orders placed at Sainsbury’s for 50 Choc Shots and picked them up for members! Amazing product :)' Gemma D

'Hi, I am a Slimming World Consultant with 100+ members in my group and love Choc Shots! I talk about it all the time and post pictures etc to my members! Thanks' Liz

'I am a Slimming World Consultant and I came across the Choc Shot which I must say I find amazing. I mix it with Alpro almond milk, drizzle over my syn free desserts and still experimenting! My members are going to love it!' Lisa W

'Hi, I'm a Consultant for Slimming World, with 7 groups and over 350 members, these look amazing and are syn free on our fab eating plan! Many thanks' Angela R

'I am a consultant for Slimming World and I am promoting your Choc Shot product in my group (400+ members). Your Choc Shot product is a brilliant way for our members to get their chocolate fix without having to come off of our eating plan.' Carol H

'My mother is on the 'Slimming World' diet, where I believe they endorse your 'Choc Shot' product as a low calorie chocolate alternative in some of their recipes. I noticed the 'gluten free' label on the back and tried the product myself, very impressed. My girlfriend is lactose intolerant (we're a bunch of funny eaters, huh?) and I'm sure she'll be happy to try your product when I see her this weekend as it's the best tasting chocolate substitute I've come across so far. Might want to stick a 'dairy free' label on the back, I see the product doing VERY well in that market.' Aidan

'I just wanted to send a message of thanks to your company. The Choc Shot has helped me sooooo much with my weight loss. I joined Slimming World and was struggling with the loss of chocolate and this is like a miracle. 1/2 a syn for a teaspoon and that goes along way. It tastes so good as well, I'd swap a choc bar for this any day of the week. Thank you Sweet Freedom.' Charly

'I have been recommending Sweet Freedom to my clients for over a year now and been amazed at the results it has achieved. The majority of my clients come to see me for weight loss and often have diabetes and high cholesterol when they first arrive. It's amazing that within a short time of using Sweet Freedom in their diets, coupled with my advice, Hypnotherapy and EFT, how they are much slimmer, healthier and many are already coming off their medication. My IBS clients also love Sweet Freedom and I provide them with some great recipes and food combinations using it to make fabulous, healthy, wheat free chocolate cupcakes. A great, natural product that everyone should be using!' Dr Elizabeth White www.lizwhite-nlp.co.uk

'I spoke to you via Twitter about using and mentioning Choc Shot in my Slimming World Groups. You won't believe how excited they get when I mention Choc Shot and many don't know what they are looking for in the shops, so this is a great way to promote you and help me. Thank you so so so much .... for inventing Choc Shot!!! I eat it constantly!' Hayley

'I've recently opened a new female only fitness centre in Stirling. My husband also owns 2 centres 1 in Alloa and 1 in bridge of Allan, we have around 300 members between them and both give our members and personal training clients diet advice sheets and we recommend Sweet Freedom on it especially over the agave syrup which is high fructose. I have a Facebook page with over 800 likes and post healthy recipes which usually contain your syrup or now the newly discovered gem of Choc Shot!! I was in the Stirling branch of Morrisons supermarket today and the woman actually asked me if I went to Feesfitness, I said no I run it! She said they had to order more of the Sweet Freedom as so many people keep asking them for it!!' Fiona M

'Wow, your Choc Shot is amazing! I put it on my peanut butter and banana sandwiches and squirt it on my proats (whey protein mixed into porridge) and it's to die for! I've also used it to add a chocolatey flavour to my homemade protein bars. It's so versatile, I love it!' Rachel E

'Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your products. I found them while at Whole Foods on a trip to London (I live in Norway) and they have literally changed my life. I have severe reactions to sugar, and seeing that everything is made with artificial everything it really limits what you can enjoy. Now that I have your syrups and found that I have absolutely no reaction to them whatsoever I use them in and on everything. Have you ever seen a grown woman cry because she was able to put syrup on her pancakes? It's the little things :) So I want to thank you, not only for making life much more enjoyable for me, but making it healthier for my daughter as well. If I could change anything, it would be that it was easier for me to get. It is very expensive to buy from Norway, and its even more expensive to fly to London unfortunately. Do you plan on going international at any point? You have one lifelong customer waiting here! Thanks again and keep doing what you do!' Jenna

'Hi. Just thought I would tell you how much I LOVE your Choc Shot it makes the best chocolate porridge ever!! Plus so many other delicious ways too. Guilt free choc heaven.' Alex

'Since I discovered Choc Shot, I use it in many ways here are some of the ways I use it: adding a couple of squirts to my banana, seed, sultana muesli energy bars, chocolate and banana tea loaf, 2 variations of chocolate mousse, one with Tia Maria, one with Baileys, 2 pieces of toast 1 with peanut butter 1 with a spread of Choc Shot and put them together yum, add some to a tea loaf. My son has a milk allergy so this is great for him, I am adding this to other "treat" recipes. I just found the Choc Shot by accident when shopping in Sainsbury's whilst looking for something to make a more indulgent hot chocolate, so it solved that problem too. Best of all it’s a healthier alternative to enjoy chocolate. Thanks' Chhaya

'I'm a Weight Watchers Member here in Southern Ireland and we've been told about your Choc Shot and we're all dying to get our hands on it, but can't seem to find it in any supermarkets over here. I'd need a bottle with the barcode to get your product into our stores across Ireland, can you please help us, we have a huge following here in Weight Watchers.' Julie

'I am so excited by your Choc Shot product and have yet to find it in my local shop. I am allergic to dairy and to find something indulgent that is dairy free is an absolute treat. I am also a consultant for Slimming World and on our plan we have calculated this to be an in control item for our members to enjoy. Once I find some I shall be sharing the information with them because treats are so important when losing weight. The Choc Shot was in our magazine a month ago and got the members very excited.' Karen C

'I could go through gallons of the stuff! I will definitely forward on any creations I make with Choc Shot (they just taste the best!) I’ve also started putting it on my ready brek and it makes a lovely change. My mum and dad / my friend fancy trying it and so does one of my colleagues who is a chocoholic! Many thanks!' Heather

'Trying your product for the first time this afternoon (chocolate version) and have to say I'm impressed. Finally a company whose ingredients I understand. My son is nearly 3 and this will be great as a treat for him. So much better than the alternatives out there. Thank you for making something processed from natural ingredients. You are in the minority! Wish you all the success.' Elaine

'Just keep up the good work ... you have changed my life!' Michael M

'Hi, I just wanted to tell you how delicious your Choc Shot is, it's perfect, thank you. I've bought some for my friend and my dad, they both love it too.' Tilly

'I just had to contact you as I discovered your product the other day & was instantly transported back 30 years to a chocolate spread I enjoyed as a child. The taste is perfectly identical (not too sweet, dark & thick) and it brought about the silliest grin I can describe!' Belinda B

'I have a 2 and a half year old with a dairy allergy and it's difficult to find nice/sweet things so Choc Shot is a useful ingredient. I have some of the Sweet Freedom syrup and usually put a little in porridge.' Heather

'I love Sweet Freedom and use it in cakes and flapjacks. We like it on everything - pancakes, yorkshire puddings (yes, really, my daughter has them for pudding instead of with the roast dinner itself!), toast, coffee, anything!' Beck T

'I came across your products listed in Weightwatchers magazine. I avoid all sugar subsitutes but was interested in that you say yours is 100% natural. There are other products on the market - truvia/stevia which I think also claim to be natural and yet use processes that put them more in line with traditional sweeteners such as aspartame. This is so exciting to me. I really wish you every success with your business and shall certainly be spreading the word. Are you on FB? I'd happily share your page. I've been banging on about the evils of aspartame for years and it's a standard joke with my friends! I hope this is the shape of things to come - that sweetener muck is in everything and as the mother of a small child I am shocked at the number of children's products it's in. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found your product and can't wait to try it!' Lucy

'Ever since you've brought out sweet freedom, it's been doing wonders for my granddad's diabetes. He's had to stop using aspartame because he's been developing most of the side effects. It's such a great product to use for him. It's been such an easy solution to use with all different types of foods, he loves the Choc Shot. Hope you appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks' Leanne

'Hi - I am a massive fan of Choc Shot. I am a distance runner representing England and after years of injury and illness refuelling after training and racing is essential for me. I love your product as I eat very cleanly and healthily and your product enables me to get a sweet fix without the rubbish which I love as well as a sweetness pick me up after training. I cannot tell you how much I love your products :)' Claire P

'Just discovered Choc Shot and really enjoy the taste.' Judith

'Dear Choc Shot, I love your product, by far the best hot chocolate drink I have ever had .... and I've had a lot, because I am very old!' PB

'Just to let you know I love Choc Shot - really delicious.Vegan wishes,' Sandra

'I have only ever tasted Choc Shot straight out of the bottle ... never in a drink! It is delicious.' Sean

'Choc Shot is delicious! I have also experimented with making my own: they are the best hot chocs I've ever had! Great product.' Clare

'I love the Original and the Dark one. I can't wait to try the Choc Shot!' Pauline

'I have recently bought your sweet freedom natural sweetener. I am very impressed with the taste! Unlike most other alternatives to sugar it doesn't have a funny aftertaste and the sweetness really is, sweet! There is one piece of information however I can't seem to find; the GI. I would also like to try your Choc Shot!' Clare *Hi Claire, the GI is low at 38

'I haven't tried it on oatcakes, will do though! Thanks again for a very delicious product.' Adelle

'Hi, I just wanted to find out if Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot products were suitable in pregnancy? The reason I ask is because agave syrup is not recommended as it can stimulate contractions so I just wanted to be sure it was safe? The liquid chocolate was actually my reason for asking as I am having huge cravings for hot chocolate and had seen it in Waitrose! I previously used to use the regular versions on porridge having come across them in-store and having read about agave I was just anxious to check before buying any. Thank you for reassuring me.' Kelly

'I love the look of the cakes you put on Facebook earlier today and was wondering where I can get the recipe from. Have been telling everyone about Choc Shot! I love it! So glad you invented it!! ' Victoria

'I am a cancer doctor and professional triathlete based in Cambridge. My triathlon results in 2013 include winning Ironman UK and Ironman Wales and retaining my European duathlon title. As a triathlete with a medical background I am very conscious of the need for a nutritious diet to sustain my hectic life and support my training needs and recently discovered Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot in my local branch of Whole Foods. I've become somewhat addicted! One of my favourite post training treats is rice cakes topped with pumpkin seed butter and Sweet Freedom.' Lucy Gossage www.lucygossage.com

'I would just like to say I've recently discovered Choc Shot. I won't lie, it's amazing & I have become a little addicted to it as a hot chocolate & poured over a nice healthy bowl of fruit!' Sarah Brown

'Your Choc Shot product has been amazing for me. I have intolerances to gluten, dairy and soya and have found missing out on hot chocolate a miserable experience! I like the chocolate neat from the tube, mixed with hot water or hot rice milk. My boyfriend even likes it. He discovered it for me as he was on a mission not to let me miss out on treats! He loves it on porridge or toast! Thank you,' Louise

'I found Choc Shot on the hot chocolate shelves, two trays of it, and I took the remaining three from the first tray, leaving a whole tray for the next lucky customer. The girl at the checkout wanted to know what it was, so I enthused at length and told her to look at the website! I'm looking forward to some hot chocolate this evening! Something I would never dream of doing normally!' Karen

'We are big fans of your products and we also expressed our love for Sweet Freedom for our German readers: www.veganblatt.com/sweet-freedom-sirup/ We also created two naughty recipes :) Unfortunately we couldn´t get the Chocolate version, would love to taste that one. Is there a shop where we could get it in Germany?' Lisa

'Hi, I just wanted to say that I've been buying your products for a while now and I love them! I've just purchased your new Choc Shot bottle and cant wait to try it, keep up the good work!!' Jen N

'I’m a massive fan of Sweet Freedom personally. I use the dark syrup to sweeten my desserts, chai tea, cereal and the light to sweeten my coffee and salad dressings. I love how low GI it is and that it is produced in the UK (more sustainable than a lot of refined sugar sources).' Zara

'Tried Choc Shot today after seeing it in the Vegan Society magazine - delicious! Works well on crackers and toast as chocolate spread. There aren't many decent chocolate spreads that are vegan friendly, so this fills a gap nicely.' Jason

'Hi just bought your Choc Shot product and it tastes amazing on bagels with peanut butter!!' Victoria

'I really love your products and would love to try your liquid hot chocolate? Is there anyway I can get a sample to see if I enjoy this as much as your other products? I am so glad that I have found your products as they have been a real turning point in my shopping trips!! Thanks Sweet Freedom and have a fab day!' Emma

'I had Choc Shot with hot milk at the weekend - very impressive! I was thinking it might taste a bit dodgy, you know all this diet stuff :o) but was amazed how much this tasted like our regular powdered hot choc! My daughter also gave it to her friend who had it spread on toast ..... and he requested more! Well done!' Rob

'Found Choc Shot in Waitrose yesterday - seriously yummy - I had a celebratory piece of toast with a squidge on it and had to very firmly put the bread back in the freezer before I had another slice and then may have had another ... it's too good, and with raspberries, I would guess, it would be even better!' Katherine

'Just wanted to say your Choc Shot is amazing! Keep up the good work :) Recommended it to a few people who do reviews so hopefully you'll get a few more sales ;) yummy! I mix it in with warm All Bran but my favourite is over home-made banana ice cream ! I've also made a cake with it in and a peanut buttery chocolatey sauce! It really does sort out my chocolate cravings and is a fraction of the calories I love it! Will be sure to try out your other products and I will keep my eye on your recipes.' Jade A

'Hey! I'm a serial low carber with an optional aversion to sugar and sugary foods dye to a strong line of type 2 diabetes in the family. I'm ALWAYS looking for sugar substitutes and recipe alternatives, and your Sweet Freedom products are amazing! My favourite so far is Sweet Freedom Dark over homemade, sugar and flour free coconut pancakes, with clotted cream. Less than 10g of carbs per serving - a taste sensation and a diabetic's dream! Can't wait to try the Choc Shot. Keep up the good work ladies!!!' Claire

'I use it every morning in my porridge along with 2 tablespoons of Coconoil. Very tasty, healthy and extremely energising!!' Garry S

'This honey substitute has become a top seller since we launched it. It's lovely on toast but don't forget you can also use it in porridge and our favourite use is to drizzle it on carrots or parsnips before roasting, so much nicer then honey and so much better for you with 25% less calories than sugar and made from 100% fruit. You can even use it instead of syrup in recipes for cakes and puddings. Available in original or dark which is slightly stickier and with a deeper flavour.' Lisa and Jacqui www.veganstore.co.uk

'Just received my box of Sweet Freedom - had to try it (obviously) so had a bit of natural yog with a squirt on top - gorgeous! My son was so impressed he has asked for pancakes for tea so he can have some too. Result! Thanks for such a great product. Might even get me eating porridge again!' Kate

'All the very best and please keep up the fab work! It's great to have a natural sugar alternative for me and my family.' Sarah

'What a revelation - a natural sugar substitute that can be used in cooking, is low GI and even tastes great poured over natural yoghurt instead of honey!' Joy Skipper, Masterchef Semi-finalist and Nutritional Therapist

'Thank you so much for your advice, you must be very busy, I'm sure that you will be on our database in no time! I purchased some from Whole Foods at the weekend and the guy at the till (without prompting!) said how nice it is and that he has it on almost everything now; our production co-ordinator always has a bottle on her desk too so word is spreading. I made some frozen yog this weekend using Sweet Freedom and it worked beautifully.' Kerry Western, Assistant Producer, RDF TELEVISION

'Hi, I've just been given your Sweet Freedom natural sweetener in Mild - it's wonderful.' Sandra

'At last I've found a truly healthy alternative to sugar which I use to make granola & muffins, and drizzle on pancakes & porridge. I wouldn't be without it now.' Frances

'SO much cheaper than maple syrup AND it's popular with all the fussy eaters round my breakfast table, thank you SO much!' Claire

'Hi, just wanted to say love the Sweet Freedom. My son is diabetic and he loves it on pancakes and porridge. The rest of the family also like it and I have been making cakes and cookies too which means my son can have treats in his lunchbox that he could not have before, and his school friends want them now too! Thank you.' Christina J

'Sweet Freedom means less on the hips and more sweetness on the lips. It's great stuff, I love it with Greek Yoghurt, raspberries and ground sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseeds. Enjoy...' Val

'Thanks again for giving me some "manna from heaven".' Carol G

'I love both of these items and would not be without them in my cupboards they are absolutely delicious on cereal, toast and to sweeten my drinks.' Ann H

'Made summer pudding with fruit from the garden and Sweet Freedom ... yummy with some half fat creme fraiche!' Karen

'Just joined Diet Freedom and purchased the Sweet Freedom and it is gorgeous! I cannot take coffee without sugar and since I am diabetic this is now out the window! Soooooo thankful for Sweet Freedom I can use it on my cereals and coffee and everything else too. Wonderful and it dissolves so perfectly and leaves no residue at the bottom of my cup or cereal bowl like so many other sweeteners I have tried before. Thanks Diet Freedom!' Arlene

'I have just been trying your Sweet Freedom, it is great! I had it on porridge and my 3 year old had it on his toast and we both loved it! I have just made a batch of ice-cream using it and I will try it out this afternoon.' Kirsty

'I am loving the 'Sweet Freedom' stuff for Jules' porridge in the morning & in plain yogurt too...it's great stuff!...' Britt

'I am very pleased with the product and am spreading the word, I am diabetic and have used it in my cooking and no one noticed till I told them.' Audrey

'I actually did some experimenting with it on Saturday, and am very impressed with the result. We had the Christmas staff meal at my house this year, and we have one member of staff who is gluten, dairy and sugar -free. Not a problem with the main meal, but puddings have always been a nightmare - there are only so many fruit salads you can take! So I rather ambitiously set out to make sticky toffee pudding, and it actually worked. She was absolutely delighted, and couldn't believe how good it was. I used the rich version, and it gave just the right flavouring. So many thanks for a great new product, I know it will get a glowing recommendation from the girls at Elixir!' Randi Henderson, Elixir Health (UK) Ltd

'I live in Ballymena Northern Ireland and love the Sweet Freedom I cooked beetroot yesterday and used it to pickle some - DELICIOUS! Thanks a bunch.' Arlene

'I shop at Sainsbury's in Hereford, The Co-op in Hay on Wye and Hay Wholefoods, also in Hay on Wye. It would be great to have Sweet Freedom in all these outlets and I will certainly shop more often in the stores where it is available.' Jayne A

'I use it all the time now and even have a bottle in my suitcase for my holiday. My niece is now hooked on it and has got someone else interested in it so the word is spreading. Well done to the team for creating it! Down 2.5 this week taking me to 14st 11.5 lbs from 15st 8 lb that is now 10.5 lbs it is moving at last but I do believe it is the lemon juice then raw veg juice and cutting out the sweeteners and using Sweet Freedom instead.' Lorraine

'I really liked your product by the way and have told others, my mum being one.' Fiona

'I recently purchased Sweet Freedom from you and am really enjoying it. I was going to try and make the blueberry muffin recipe which is on your website. I am surprised the recipe doesn't include flour but ground almonds instead, is this correct? (yes it is, ed) I am intrigued. Can't wait to bake them!' Frances

'My son likes Sweet Freedom on toast, I had it on my porridge this morning so you may have a convert...' Rob

'That sounds like a fun thing to put in the green room. It'll get them talking!' Sam, BBC

'I just wanted to let you know that I very much liked the free flapjacks I got with my order a few weeks ago. I meant to email you earlier but forgot so apologies this is a bit late. You should think about selling your bars made with Sweet Freedom on a permanent basis! Anyway, thanks again.' Frances T

'Just a quick message to say thanks for the flapjack supplied with my recent Sweet Freedom order - it was very good and I look forward to trying the recipe myself. Thanks again.' Michelle W

'The product you sent was super and I'd love to buy it but I can't find it in a major supermarket. Where can I get it from? All supermarkets should stock this product!! In Italy we have something vaguely similar (but not even close in terms of taste).' Monica

'Really liked the product and happy to see it saying vegan friendly!' Karin, www.veggievision.co.uk'

'Just like to say thank you very, very much for making such a great product. I am allergic to regular sugar (I have tried all different types and they all make my lymphatic system swell up and give me pimples) however your product gives me no such problems, it's brilliant. I really like what it is made from as well, the ingredients list is short and sweet and really healthy. So a BIG thanks.' Tim

'Fantastic - at last I have found a solution to what I thought was an impossible problem. I run the school breakfast club, as we have the Healthy Schools Mark we are unable to use sugar and artificial sweeteners are frowned upon, Sweet Freedom is a Godsend, brilliant.' Sasha B

'Yes I do own a car park company per my auto sig which doesn't sound of much interest to you and yes I am a crazed fan (have been buying your Sweet Freedom from Wholefoods for as long as it has been there)...! SF goes in my smoothies/iced tea etc most days. And sometimes on a spoon into my mouth when no one is looking!' Emma S

'Can you tell me where I can get more recipes as product is fab I bought 8 bottles and my sister also bought 8 after my recommendation keep up the good work.' Deidre

'Sweet Freedom has been a life saver as I am a diabetic and sugar is white death! You can bin all other "sugar" substitutes in favour of Sweet Freedom, it is, by far, THE BEST. Shall continue to harangue local Tesco manager.' Ian H

'Hello, I thought I would write and tell you how much I love this product, I was more than 10 yrs vegetarian but last June went vegan, I thought I was saying goodbye to honey but this is just so like honey in taste and texture, I am so happy as I love honey in sandwiches, it's just so amazing. Thank you so much.' Michelle P

'After I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 years ago I was advised not to use sugar in hot drinks and to switch to sweeteners but I found that I could not enjoy tea and coffee with intensive sweeteners in place of sugar. I am really pleased to have come across 'Sweet Freedom' as it sweetens just like sugar.' Beverley S

'I made the sugar free flapjack today, florentines and the gluten free choc cake. Carob was very fashionable many years ago...it may be making a comeback...and why not? Sugar free flapjack was very good and so were the florentines. We will be selling them in our cafe tomorrow. I would like to order the 5 litre bottles ASAP...what is the procedure for that? Looking forward to more baking tomorrow!' Wendy at Goji Vegetarian Cafe and Deli, York

'Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I found it last week and everyone in my family loves it. We started "clean eating" about 2 months ago and I was buying unrefined organic sugar and organic honey - but then I found this and began substituting it into some of my favourite recipes - such as granola bars (in place of the honey) and muffins (in place of maple syrup) - today I googled your product and found your website - and WOW you have some fab recipe's that I can't wait to get my teeth into - especially the lemon curd - something I've been craving for a while. I live in Ireland and I'm wondering can you get the natural syrup over here?' Allico M

'Nutrichef (www.nutrichef.co.uk) really love Sweet Freedom and we made this simple banana recipe for our Love Fruit and Veg campaign http://youtu.be/Zq4EBdVO9Q4' Barbara C

'I would just like to encourage others who are struggling with weight loss and blood glucose levels. When I first started eating this way it was May of this year, my levels were between 6.5 and 8.0 and I weighed 11st 5lb and am 5ft 5ins tall, I know that perhaps doesn’t sound a lot but I was very uncomfortable in all of my clothes and just wanted to feel right. Anyway I have been eating low GL foods and am now 10st 3lbs and I feel great. I keep passing it on to friends because I know it works and I have had no hypos since I started.' Yvonne F

To Choc Shot makers
I recently started a weight loss programme and was pointed in the direction of your Choc Shot liquid. I had my reservations as many "diet" things can taste a bit empty. But I absolutely love it, and a day has not gone by where I haven't used it. Thank you for showing an old diet dog new tricks! Louise M

'I'd never heard of Sweet Freedom before and, as a diabetic with gluten intolerance and other digestive disorders, I was interested to see what it would taste like and how I would react to it. Well, I am smiling as I type this, so its not all bad! I have to carefully control my sugar intake, like all good diabetics. However, I am also gluten intolerant and suffer from chronic IBS, so have to avoid all wheat flour, yeast, concentrated carbs ... anything that tastes nice, it feels. Chocolate has been particularly hard for me, especially plain chocolate.
So, how did I fare with Sweet Freedom Choc Shot? I can have two teaspoons in my coffee, once a day, to make a lovely mocha. I have missed this drink so much, but it made me too ill. As long as I limit myself to two teaspoons a day, Choc Shot sits well with my dilapidated body. I get the beautiful taste of chocolate and I can drizzle it on chopped fruit, frozen yoghurt, porridge ... so many foods are now lifted with Choc Shot, without my body being affected. In addition, my children have benefitted. My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome (ASD) and her behaviour is often affected by the food she eats. She had Choc Shot on some pancakes for the first time and never have I smiled so much to see chocolate sauce smeared all around her face. It didn't induce a meltdown, she was absolutely fine. To see her able to enjoy something that both looks and tastes like chocolate without any repercussions for either herself or the rest of her family … that meant a lot to all of us.
Sweet Freedom Choc Shot both tastes and looks like chocolate sauce, but without the side effects that sugar and chocolate can have. Hot chocolate, anyone? Bananas and chocolate sauce? Yes please! It is now a firm staple in our cupboard.
The only problem I have is that, being in a rural area, it is not always available. I hope that your distribution widens to make it easier to obtain, as our local Tesco (8 miles away) doesn't stock it for home delivery.
Please feel free to use any or all of my ramblings, should you so choose. I am just happy to have a little bit of sunshine back in my rather dull food life.' Vikki H

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